The Quality Policy of GAIAMETAL is:

– To implement the products and the projects it undertakes in a way that meets customers’ requirements whilst keeping costs at competitive levels.

– To employ staff selected by the CEO based on experience, technical skills, education, training and desire to participate in the vision of the company.

– To maintain the manufacturing equipment in good condition, arranging its regular maintenance – repair – renewal in order to follow the modern methods of production.

– To use only the highest quality raw materials and consumables of known that meet the customers’ requirements .

– To keep track of the national & international competition implementing immediately any developments that will improve the quality of the finished project.

– To be a leading Greek company, working as a model for other related companies.

– To implement the Quality Goals we set, through effective management.
– Gaia Metal’s name to be synonymous with guaranteed quality.

Our Vision, Our Experience & Our Know-How at the Customer’s Service.

In order to achieve the above, the company has documented and implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 9001: 2008, which includes every activity that affect the quality of its products and services and its relations with our customers.
The Quality System is the tool for the development, improvement and further recognition of the company at national and international level and has the solid support of the Management in terms of resources & means, for its effective implementation and improvement.

All the Gaia Metal Team understands and follows this Quality Policy every day they work for you.