In «RAOULOTECHNIKI ΑΒΕΕ» facilities, a new company under the name of GAIA METAL is now active, member of the CLEMIC Group which was established in 1982. The main object of the new company is the manufacture of metal industrial pulleys and metal structures.
The know-how, experience and credibility towards the clientele that the previous company has managed to build all these years are inherited in the philosophy of the new company and become their property for the marketing and placement of branded, quality and guaranteed industrial equipment products. The company is certified according to the European standards and regulations with ISO 9001: 2008.
In a square of a total area of 30,000m2, with a 4,500m2 facilities space, our company makes its presence felt in the industrial sector both in the region of Western Macedonia and in the rest of Greece. In these facilities there is an organized production chain specializing in the manufacture of metal pulleys and metal structures. The production mechanism is fully modernized and competing with European standards, consisting mainly of state-of-the-art digital machine tools at every stage of production.
We aim at the immediate satisfaction of your needs and we hope for a long and lasting cooperation!Do not hesitate to contact us.
Our staff is at your disposal and the manufacturing department is standing ready, with the highest standards to meet your needs both in pulleys and conveyor belt equipment, as well as in the study, design, manufacturing and construction of metal structures.